How To Optimize Mobile Agence Seo MOBILE SEO GUIDE

Habits and practices are changing at a high speed in the era of new technologies. Today tablets and smartphones, boosted by a growing bandwidth, are more and more points of access on the internet. Computer equipment goods on which surfers surf and consume. When we know the importance of effective SEO on Google and the issues associated with it it seemed important to offer some tips for mobile SEO .

In this article we offer a mobile agence seo  . We will try to show what this change of habit vis-à-vis the WEB involves, answering a few questions. We will come back in detail about the mistakes not to be made in terms ofmobile SEO .

Are there 2 referencing algorithms for mobiles and computers?

No, the search engine you access from a computer or from a mobile is the same. In other words   the algorithm is the same , it does not change depending on the device connected to the Internet. However, Google must pretend to be a mobile to access a site, and the spider is necessarily different. In order to correctly optimize the mobile referencing of a website, several prerequisites are necessary:

Have a responsive site or a mobile version

Having to optimize his site for SEO desktop version

Follow these tips 🙂

Are there Panda or Pinguin filters for mobile sites?

Shape 126No, there are no specific filters for mobile, but as we said above, the robot that crawls mobile sites and the one that crawls desktop sites are not the same for accessibility issues. It is also for the same reason that Google must have free access to CSS style sheets and JavaScript sheets. This is also what we highlight on the latest recommendations that Google gives for agence seo regarding CSS and JavaScripts.

Does Google change with the increase in mobile traffic?

Shape 109Yes , as always since their creation, Google and other search engines are constantly changing their algorithms to offer their users the best possible service. Google shows its interest for mobile users, offering guidelines to optimize websites for smartphones.

See the Google guidelines for mobile

We must not forget that Google aims to always offer the most relevant answer for your research. For this purpose, the search engine now takes into account much more precise criteria than your simple request to know:

  • Your geolocation
  • Your browser
  • Your language of use
  • Your browsing history
  • And of course, your device type

We must keep in mind that in order to always be the number 1 search engine, Google must always offer the best  agence seo So a perfectly optimized site on mobile, will be much more pleasant for the surfer who did his search on mobile. Google, so will fulfill its mission, the surfer found his site, and you won a satisfied visitor🙂

Are mobile apps referenced?

Google is not yet exploring mobile apps , but is scanning text around a web page. It is also possible to index them via intention filters. Like videos and images, applications are referenced on the URLs of the WEB sites on which they are hosted. But in fact, the vast majority of mobile users access apps through an App Store or Play store.

Some tips for referencing your mobile app:

  • Create a landing page specific to the app download
  • Optimize this page for agence seo
  • Use the URL rewriting
  • Qualify the description tags of its application
  • Enjoy social networks
  • Optimize the site and the environment around your app

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