Summer: What Are The Risks Of Complete Hair Removal

And what precautions to take? Before going to laze on a beach or pool, many women go through the epilation box, at home, at the beautician or dermatologist, razor, Brazilian Wax or laser …

More and more women are opting for the radical option: complete epilation of the jersey.

Some doctors warn about the health risks of this hair hunt, which could increase the risk of developing a skin infection or catching an STD.

Before the comfort of the beach, the effort of hair removal. Many women declare war on hair at the arrival of the beautiful days, just to show off quiet. A study by Ipsos reveals that this summer, about 22% of FreIf this mode prevents any hair injury, the complete removal of sex would not be safe.

Suggested links between full hair removal and STDs

If the link between permanent hair removal and STDs is debated in the medical profession, a handful of studies are beginning to question the question. Last December, an American study published in  Sexually Transmitted Infections  reveals that people who practice a complete depilation of the pubis contracted more sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), including herpes ,  syphilis , Brazilian Wax  chlamydia  or  blennoragia.. But the links are not obvious between this technique of hair removal and these pathologies, because the Americans interviewed were not questioned about their way of life, number of partners and especially if they protected themselves … “If you leave small wounds after a shave, pay attention to all the diseases that are transmitted by the blood: HIV, hepatitis … “, says Isabelle Gallay , dermatologist.nch women will engage in total pubic hair hunting compared to 12% in the spring.

In 2013, the Nice dermatologist François Desruelles publishes a small study  : out of 30 patients with a viral infection to molluscum contagiosum, 93% of them had a sex shaved. “Of course, if you have micro-trauma and small cuts when you shave, you risk transporting a virus already present to other areas of the pubis, especially for molluscum contagiosum or staphylococcus aureus”, says Jean- Romain Manciet, dermatologist. Especially if you scratch the irritated area …

But the dermatologist nuance: “What is dangerous is not to epilate completely, but not to protect yourself during sex! “. And Isabelle Gallay reassures: “If the Brazilian Wax, the razor or the laser is done in the rules of the art, there is no reason that it increases the risk of catching a sexually transmitted infection . A statement shared by Marie-Claude Benattar: “No, hair does not protect you from chlamydia infections!”

Skin problems

But more broadly, this integral hair removal so popular with young people, especially increases the risk of having skin problems. Brazilian Waxing Near Atlanta GA A study, this time in a review of American gynecology, shows that out of 333 women, 60% have experienced health problems related to this hair removal, especially abrasion of the skin and ingrown hairs.

“I have not done any scientific study on the question, but I am convinced that the complete hair removal weakens the sex and these women are more likely to catch viruses, bacteria or STDs,” says Marie-Claude Benattar , gynecologist. I see all day long young women who have sex totally naked, bright red, inflamed. The skin is particularly thin on the pubis, as on the breasts. If you no longer have the protection, the small cushion of the hair, the friction with the pants or the pants can create irritations. “

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