If you are renting a vehicle from cheap car rental for the first time, we recommend that you read the following. We explain to you how to make your reservation and what are the different documents and / or proofs to provide to the agency on the day of departure.

How to book a vehicle on

Rent A Car offers to rent your car directly from your computer and accompanies you step by step throughout your booking. It is important to note that to rent a passenger car or utility vehicle, you must be at least 23 years old and have been a B license holder for at least 2 years (some categories of vehicles may be subject to specific conditions when of your rent on or in Rent A Car agencies). We invite you to consult our guide “Young drivers”.

Rent a car or utility online is very simple. Visit the cheap rent a car home pageand indicate successively your city of departure, the type of vehicle desired. We offer at this time to choose between passenger vehicles (small city cars , sedans …) or utilities (trucks, vans …)

Indicate your dates of departure and return. Choose the distance to travel and click on “Search”. You will have access to all available vehicles in the agency you have selected.

Once your vehicle reservation on the Internetdone, you will receive your confirmation by email. You will find the various information specific to your rental (dates, package, price …), practical information (contact details of the agency …) and a reminder of the evidence to present when removing the vehicle.

Documents and documents to present on the day of departure

During your purchase process on, we will indicate all the papers, documents and proofs to provide us at the beginning (these documents may vary if you rent a vehicle under a company).

Thus, we ask you to provide us with a proof of address , your ID (and any additional drivers), your driver’s license , and the credit card in the name of the holder who has used the online payment .

We invite you to read the various sections of rental assistance before your booking. You can also contact one of our 300 Rent A Car branches by phone, post and email, if you need additional information.

Deposit of guarantee in agency

The rental agreement provides for the payment of a deposit to cover any breach of the tenant’s rental obligations.

When taking the rental vehicle in the agency, you will need to present with the tenant’s credit card used for online payment in order to make this deposit. If it is impossible to make this deposit by credit card, you can proceed by check, subject to the agencies authorizing this method of payment (fees are required in connection with a deposit by check).


Renting a car can sometimes raise questions if it’s the first time. Indeed, there are several rules and standards tofollow. To do this, the lease remains a vital document to protect both the person who rented the car and the renter. Here are some essential elements to know about people who can drive a rental vehicle

Driving a rental car: the importance of the rental contract

The lease includes several items including the vehicle make, model, category and vehicle registration number. An inventory is also done before departure and return. In the rental agreement, the name of the only person who has the right to drive the rented vehicle is indicated. It is essential in this document to be very precise about the name of the person driving the vehicle, which may be different from the signatory, while being jointly and severally liable


To be able to rent our passenger vehicles or utilities, we ask that the driver has a driver’s license for at least 3 years. Young drivers will be able to drive the rental vehicle for a “young driver” surcharge. Thanks to this option, the number of years required to drive our vehicles is 1 year instead of 3 years. It should also be noted that for the driving of minibuses, minivans, 20 m3 with or without tailgate and skips, a driving license of at least 5 years is required (which can be reduced to 3 years thanks to the option young driver).

The extra driver: how to do it

We realize that our customers can not know everything about car rental , and we make it a point of honor to find solutions for all situations. In particular, it should be known that only the driver mentioned in the contract can drive the vehicle. However, the situations in which a secondary conductor may be necessary are numerous. An example: if you are going on vacation with your family for a long trip, it is reassuring to know that you have subscribed to the “additional driver” option. You will be able to entrust the steering wheel without worries to your spouse and rest quietly

At Rent A Car, the additional driver, as provided in the contract, has the sme right to drive the vehicle as the main driver. Thus, if the main driver is tired, he can easily delegate driving to the secondary driver. This option will prevent him from driving tired and risking an accident. It is sufficient to mention the identity of the additional driver (s) when drawing up the contract. The license conditions are the same as for the main driver and this will allow you to travel safely.

The moment you tell your landlord that you have an additional driver is important. Indeed, in the case of an optional service, it must be registered at the time of signing the rental agreement. He will then have to present his identity document and his driving license, just like the main driver.

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