Do you know the relationship of the brand of Toms with Argentina?

Toms is a brand of espadrilles, but not those we all know and we can buy for a few pesos in any place.

They are various of design.

With good finishing and good quality, to last a long time.

And in addition to all this, they are part of a project “one by one” , in which the brand donates one pair of shoes for each pair sold.

The creator of this idea is Blake Mycoskie. An American who knew Argentina in 2002 when he participated in the reality show “The Amazing Race”.

He returned for vacation in 2006. On this trip two things caught his attention. The espadrilles he saw when he went to play polo.

And the amount of barefoot boys he saw when he went to do volunteer work.

And so it was that Blake came up with the Toms brand.

He chose to help from footwear because they are a protection against stones, dirt and contaminated water, against the cold or the attack of some insects. Being protected is more likely to remain healthy, and being healthy, have more possibilities to access education.

The business model is called compassionate consumption. It is popular with millennials that do not have the means to make large donations and admire brands that have ethical behavior to benefit others.
This is the packaging of espadrilles (which in the world are called Toms because they adopted the name as generic).

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