How Do You Rate The Purifying Care Mask – Supermud

from GlamglowPurifying Mask – Supermud from Glamglow is recommended for:

  • All skin types

The benefits of Glamglow’sSupermud Purifying Face Mask are:

This 2-in-1 mask and scrub helps fight skin imperfections for immediate beauty by treating small imperfections in a targeted way.

His formula is:

  • Comprising acnecidic-6: a blend of 6 AHA and BHA acids that help fight skin problems and tighten pore size while improving skin elasticity.
  • Composed of Activated-X Charcoal: charcoal that absorbs toxic substances for all skin types.
  • Composed of K17-Clay, trapping excess sebum, bacteria and toxins.
  • Made up of TEAOXI delivering natural Euclayptol, linalool oil and potent flavonoids directly into the formula from Eucalyptus leaves.


Last Thursday was Sephora’s quarterly blog evening. As usual, Sephora has perfectly sourced its exclusivities for this autumn / winter and as usual, I find among them 4-5 products that I absolutely want to

Test, me the jaded cosmeto.

I’ll talk you probably quickly the ‘ Impossible Serum Sampar (I found out a few days before a Sampar evening and that seems to be an effective killing) , semi-permanent polish kit / Allesandro’sStriplac peel-off (yes, Madame) at home , the perfect eyebrow trend at Benefit and Nars , Andrea Fulerton’s nail art pendant and nail art kits , Sephora’s CC Cream + Color and its spiral texture “, Justin Bieber’s perfume Girlfriend (naaan, I’m kidding, I will not talk about this perfume again, but my god that I laughed with La Beauté Lazy discovering it, and noting this message “engraved” by Justin to the attention of his fans: ” I will never let you go. “) , but the product I wanted to try first, this week- end is the GlamGlow , a mask that makes a lot of noise across the Atlantic and landed in France excluded Sephora.

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loSo Glamglow, at first, is the product that annoyws me a bit by his story telling so already seen and so so boring (even if the story is probably true) : to make it short, Shannon and Glenn attend the All Hollywood and have friends actors who complain about not finding on the product market that can instantly reduce their skin imperfections before shooting (Editor’s note: they have searched badly;)) , then ” after many researches ” , assisted by a chemist, they create a miracle product that in 10 minutes top chrono makes you disappear wrinkles, fine lines, pores, spots, sebum (… ) , product they are not looking to sell, of course, they are so altruistic, they give it to their comedians and makeup artists, and then the word of mouth in the middle of the Cinema makes them say they finally that good, we will still sell our product miracle, it would be a shame to deprive the whole world, and then “bluffed by these results, the vice president of a major luxury company” joins the adventure and here you are, consumers lambda, you can now get Glamglow in your Sephora for the modest sum of 49,90 € 50 ml.

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The box of the product is in the image of its history: disproportionate compared to the size of the pot, black and silver, with profusion of stars and mentions type ” very sexy”, “Hollywood, California”, “used for the film shoots, backstage fashion shows … “,” Welcome to Glamland ” … In short, we feel that it comes from the country of Uncle Sam and that it was designed by a team that wears big hoofs – even if I do not deny the effectiveness of this kind of communication on the average consumer, I’m sure that most of you say “wow, I want to try!” ;).I’m a bit cynical but you know me, it will not stop me from testing it anyway, do we ever know, and if

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