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Fortunately, I did not ask this glamglow mask before going toan appointment! That same week, I suggested to my man to make him a firming mask, generally, he says no, an absolute no, but I sold him the thing telling him that a peel-off was too funny to remove, that the color is nice blah blah . It worked, he accepted. Except that I had not told him what it had done to my skin the week before, he did not think he would become a guinea pig in his turn.Put the mask on for 20 minutes, remove it: same, scarlet Mr. VintageGallery ! I’m bad because I burst out laughing without being able to stop, and finally, what made me laugh is that I 90% suspected that he would come out crayfish, but I needed to be sure that it was the mask itself that caused this disaster and not my reactive skin only.Badwife.Here is the story of my very first Glamglow, as much to tell you that I was served! Served, but not demoralized . What is certain is that I will no longer use this firming mask, even if it is REALLY keeping its promise of tone . On the other hand, I really want to test the exfoliating and purifying mask, hoping that I will not end up red tomato this time!I think you have a lot of interest in Glamglow’sSupermud Purifying Face Mask: you do well …The time to give my opinion could not be better, because I tested Glamglow’sSupermud Purifying Face Mask last week, just after a cinema session with friends. After use, here is my report on the main actions of Glamglow’sSupermud Purifying Mask.

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Action # 1: Purification.

The Supermud Purifying Mask from Glamglow has deeply purified my skin. This mask has encrusted blackheads on my face and rid my skin of toxins. Indeed, it contains activated charcoal, which has extraordinary absorptive capacities, and is therefore famous for its purifying and detoxifying properties.

Action # 2: Tightening the pores.

The GlamglowSupermud Purifying Face Mask has been very effective at tightening the enlarged pores of my face. My pores have tightened since the first application but this product is not effective in the long term.

Action # 3: Matification.

I was rather satisfied with the matifying effect of Glamglow’sSupermud Purifying Mask. The clay present in this mask makes it possible to regulate the secretion of sebum on the skin.

Experience with this Face Mask / Scrub

At first glance, the composition of the GlamglowSupermud Purifying Face Mask can be put off: it is not certified organic and contains only natural ingredients. It is an ideal mask for combination to oily skin, imperfections, but I recommend it for sensitive skin.

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I loved the texture of the GlamglowSupermud Purifying Mask. It is a thick cream, dark gray color, containing pieces of eucalyptus leaves. This texture is rather easy to spread on the face but quite difficult to rinse!

I was seduced by the scent of Glamglow’sSupermud Purifying Mask. Its smell of eucalyptus is pleasant and very refreshing!

On the packaging side, the GlamglowSupermud Purifying Care Mask comes in the form of a 34g jar. In my opinion, this packaging is very chic but not hygienic enough: I would have liked to find a spatula inside to be able to apply the product.

I bought the Supermud Purifying Mask of Glamglow at Sephora but you can also find it on the Internet for 50 €. I find its price too high compared to its capacity.Now, I can not wait to see what you think about Glamglow’sSupermud Purifying Face Mask. Come back soon to touch me two words and leave your opinion here.And do not hesitate to ask advice from our Beauty Ambassadors on the site’s chat, if you wish to have theiropinion on the GlamglowSupermud Purifying Mask.

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