Finally, the double action mask has a rather unique formula: when applied, it is a creamy product like all others, which dries after about ten minutes. But when you start rinsing with water, the mask turns into a cleansing oil that removes the daily accumulation of dirt, sebum and makeup.

Glamglow describes this mask as a deep, gentle cleansing treatment. But this is the mask that I found the most aggressive on my skin between the four I tried. After cleaning my face with the oil, my skin was clean, but very dry and tense. I would only recommend this mask to girls who have oily skin. Those with dry or sensitive skin, avoid it!

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To conclude, I had perhaps too high expectations face Glamglow masks (can we really do otherwise looking at their price !?), but none of them was a favorite for me! My two favorites are blue (moisturizing) and white (purifying), but these can very well be replaced by cheaper products, which I like as much . I think this range of masks might be more appealing to those whose skin produces a lot of sebum. For my part, I will certainly end the two pots that I liked, but I will not buy back. It remains to be seen if the youngest of Glamglow, the Flashmud lightening mask, will be as appreciated by the beauty community as the others!

‘ve already told you about GlamGlow’s purifying supremud facial treatment ( review here ). Today I will talk about a new product from GlamGlow and this time it is also a mask but this time for the eye area – Brightmud eye treatment


It must be said that GlamGlow had a good idea to make small capsules and suddenly you no longer have to take the mask in the pot with your fingers. It’s much more practical, believe me. In the package there is a total of 12 capsules.

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In each capsule there is a dose of prodeuct for each contour of the eye. We take the product and apply it by tapping on the eye contour (clean and cleansed of course).

Let it work for 3 minutes. A priori do not worry when it pecks and I can tell you that it pecks a lot! Courageous as I am I did not remove the product ^^ After this time we remove the product with a small cotton or a wipe.

Once the product removed I read on the notice that it is recommended to leave a micro-layer of product for more effect.

And the result then?

And indeed, I do not see it! I did use all the capsules – twice a week for a total of six weeks. And nothing! However the mask leaves a “pretty” orange trace around the eye and maybe that’s the magic effect that gives mega glow but I’m not really a fan.

I’ve already told you about the Glamglow brand and their Youth Exfoliating Mask (the black jar) some time ago that revives the radiance of the skin. But I did not tell you about the white version – purifying supermudGlamglow treatment which is intended for him to fight against skin problems such as dilated pores, imperfections, reactive skin, inflammations, shaving fire, pimples, redness, blackheads short anything you can have on the face😉

Maybe you wanted to try these two masks but you did not want to spend a hundred euros there because a pot is still 49.90 euros! The good news for you is that now you can have both in a

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