I Tested: Glamglow Masks Level Hydration

Since their arrival on the market in 2013, Glamglow brand masks are considered the ultimate in skin care. With their oversized packaging in which small containers are presented and their price just as extravagant ($ 76 for 1.2 oz), these masks have an aura as glamorous as the many celebrities who praise their benefits. For my part, although I have heard a lot about these masks, I always avoided them because of their price, which I thought a bit ridiculous. But last December, when I saw that Sephora was offering a holiday set containing the four Glamglow masks in small formats (including one in regular size) at a very low price, I jumped at the opportunity and I am procured. After several months of testing, here is what I think of these little pots with so-called miraculous content.

The blue jar contains a moisturizing mask, which is applied to a clean, dry face and then allowed to penetrate the skin for about twenty minutes. Subsequently, the residue can be wiped with a tissue or rinsed with water. As I have dry skin, especially in winter, I usually use this kind of masks, which I especially like to apply at night before going to bed. So, I let them act all night, and wake up the next morning with a soft and hydrated skin!

Level hydration, this Glamglow mask did not disappoint me: when I use it, it always leaves me with the skin much more flexible and free of dry patches. However, the smell of cupcake that emerges from this mask – that some will love – I particularly dislike. For this kind of product, I much prefer clean and fresh smells to those very sweet, which give me the impression of extending creaming on the face! In addition, although this mask does its job very well, I know several that are just as effective in being much less expensive. I’m thinking of Lierac’s Mask of Comfort and La Roche-Posay’s Masque HydraphaseIntense .

This exfoliating mask made of clay is applied in a thin layer on a clean face. Once it is dry, it is rinsed with water, making circular movements so that the fine particles that are there exfoliate the skin and leave it more smooth and radiant.

Unfortunately, this product that seemed very promising left me rather indifferent. Positive point: since it is designed to provide a gentle exfoliation, it is not too aggressive for my skin. On the other hand, I did not notice a great improvement in the condition of the latter when I used it, unlike my favorite scrub, the one with the Korresrose , which instantly gives me a softer, smoother and luminous skin. .

The purifying mask is probably the most popular product at Glamglow. Formulated with clay and charcoal (hence its dark gray color), it is also applied in a thin layer on clean skin. It is then left to act between five and twenty minutes before rinsing with water. What’s interesting with this mask is that when it dries on the face, its color becomes paler, but each pore that was congested by dirt appears darker, which really shows that the mask is job!

I really enjoyed this treatment, which is designed to combat all common skin concerns, including rashes, discolorations, black and white dots and ingrown hairs. As I have a lot of acne these days, I liked that this mask leaves my skin really clean, without irritating it. glamglow However, I can not say that this product has greatly diminished my imperfections. After using it several times, I find that my Origins Clear Improvement activated charcoal maskĀ  is a little more effective at calming my acne.

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