Hello To All, I Absolutely Had To Tell You About This Famous Mask

that all ricaines get away, we saw it everywhere on social networks , the French are crazy too and I have a hard time to understand why finally

This is my very first product of the Glamglow brand , I was looking forward to this moment because everyone has been talking about it for ages, and I, jealous that I am I had never tested: the mask of crazy that tightens the pores, the one that moisturizes, the one that purifies, rejuvenates, cleans, etc.

Complete Guid : Glamglow

So , when I connected to Octoly and I saw that the new Gravitymud mask was in test proposal, I clicked, crossing my fingers so that my profile is selected to receive the product.

BIM, won, the

days later, I receive a small package containing the grail named more specifically ”  Gravitymud “. Just the name of the future made me vibrate, and then the packaging was too cool: a purple firecracker came from the space that opens oddly, it was cool. Even more cool when I opened the product: an incredibly silvery liquid that I was supposed to spread on the face using the little flat brush too cute provided in the box.

Basically, this mask promises a firmer skin, less dull, smoother and toned .glamglow The composition is not great, for all fans of organic and natural, you could do a syncope just by reading the ingredients , but frankly, not being particularly a Bio addict, the chemical does not me was not scary and did not bother me.

After having flabbergasted on the packaging of space, I took my photos for the blog, and I embarked on my first adventure Glamglow : I wash my face, then I apply the product with the brush provided avoiding the contour of the eyes, mouth etc .

Read More : n is simple and super nice, the texture is very liquid, hangs well with the brush, which avoids to put in too thick layer, the risk that the product never dries.glamglow Yes, it’s a peel-off that you remove way 2nd skin, then as for any mask based on the same principle, if the layer is too thin, it goes to tatters it’s unbearable because it messes up a little playfulness stuff, and if the layer is too thick, it never dries and

You have to rinse with water (galley because it sticks).

I loved the smell , there is a semblance of coconut in it that I like a lot, yet I read a lot of testimonials on blogs that said the scent was awful, and for once, I’m not I do not agree, I really liked it!

Read More : Glamglow 

he product should be allowed to dry for 20 to 30 minutes . On my first try, I let ask 30 minutes, thinking stupidly that ”  it would work better and that I was going to be even more firm ” … When I removed the mask (which becomes even more silver after drying, beautiful) , I discovered a skin so red you could have thought that I had just taken the sunburn of the century! I was frankly firm, it’s true, on it, I can not say otherwise because there was a real difference in the tone of my skin, …


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