How to identify fake TOMS

TOMS is an organization that donates a pair of shoes to poor children for every pair of shoes you buy. When you sell a false TOMS, will not be made a donation. There are many ways to identify if you have a couple of originals or false TOMS; Based on the store where you bought the manufacturing information printed on the inside of the shoe, and more.

  1. Verify that the seller is authorized by TOMS. If it is not, it is very likely to be false.
  • Visit the TOMS website to find information about which stores are selling TOMS shoes in your area.
  • Go to the bottom of the screen and choose “Find Distributor” in the right corner.
  • Select your country and zip code, then click the “Send” button. The page will give you a list of all the places near you that sell authentic TOMS.
  • If you do not have an internet, you can speak to TOMS customer service (1-800-975-8667) and ask them directly.
  1. You can buy from authorized sellers or directly from the TOMS website.
  • If you buy TOMS new or used at auctions or online stores, check the return policy and warranty information to protect you in case you receive a fake TOMS.
  1. Look for the TOMS collection at an authorized center in your area. This will help you familiarize yourself with the appearance and texture of the product and you can easily distinguish which are false and which are not.
  • Inspect the TOMS by looking at the tags, insoles, shoe box, and bend the shoe a bit to test your Strength.
  1. Surf the internet on the TOMS website to view images of all TOMS styles.
  • Go to the TOMS website, go to the shoes category.
  • Click “Details” below any style.
  • Go down with the mouse and click on the photo of the style to see it big.
  1. Inspect TOMS shoes from an unconfirmed seller to determine the authenticity of the product.
  • Try to remove the template from the shoe. The TOMS insoles are sewn, and should not come off quickly. In addition, the template may not resemble the interior in a fake TOMS.
  • If the shoe insole is flat and does not have support for the arch of the foot, then they are false TOMS.
  • Make sure the size is printed on the side of the shoe with the current size of the shoe. For example, if you are a size 7, but the TOMS that you test for “your size” are too large or have a size 8, then they are fake.
  • Check the city of origin. All TOMS are manufactured in China, so any other that says it was made in another part of the world, is false.
  • Look for the slogan “One for One” printed inside the shoe. False TOMS will not have this slogan on the shoe or in the box.
  • Check if there is a pattern on the inner wall of the shoe. Authentic TOMS contain an animal or striped pattern.


  • Use the TOMS page as your primary source to determine if your shoes are fake or not. The website contains a catalog of all existing TOMS shoe designs. If your style of TOMS shoes does not exist on the website, chances are it is fake.
  • Look at the small label on one side.

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