Who has not heard of the “juice” or “juicing” liquid diet plan This new trend in diet is THE slimming method acclaimed by the stars including the incredible Gwyneth Paltrow or Angelina Jolie. But what are liquid diets? What does it consist of ? Follow a liquid detox diet really helps to lose weight? We tell you everything.

The diet jus, what is it?

Initially thought for hospitalized people who eat solid was complicated, the liquid diet is now declined to help lose weight through a low calorie diet .

The promise of this slimming method?

Favor the elimination of toxins thanks to its detox power.

The liquid diet plan , effective for weight loss?

Since food is consumed in liquid form, the juicing diet makes it easier to assimilate food and thus allow the body to rest.

That’s why it’s considered a detox diet .

In addition, it is advisable to follow it for a maximum of 10 days to avoid complications.

But does the liquid diet plan actually lose weight?

Yes, of course since you can only eat mixed fruits and vegetables, and herbal teas.

Nothing solid therefore.

So inevitably, the weight loss will be at the rendezvous.

Thanks to the juice liquid diet plan, you will lose weight quickly .

The problem is that unlike “hard” foods, the liquid, it has never contributed to the effect of satiety.

As a result, we are always hungry.

The liquid detox diet: menus and recipes


A yoghurt 0% mixed with fruits.

Lunch and dinner:

A vegetable puree seasoned with the spices of your choice.


A smoothie with seasonal fruits.

At will: tea and other herbal teas. And of course water. Lots of water.

Our opinion on liquid diet plan

Certainly, the liquid diet makes losing weight quickly , but our body is not made to consume liquid foods.

So, even if during this slimming program , we consume only fruits and vegetables good for the health, this diet being drastic, you risk being a victim of the yoyo effect as soon as the diet stops.

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Soup soup with cabbage: what result to expect?

The cabbage soup diet would lose five to seven pounds in a week. However, weight loss obviously depends on the metabolism, age and eating habits of each person. If this diet has an advantage then it is to offer a quick weight loss.

However, it has many disadvantages. First of all, daily calorie intake is very low. Significant fatigue or vertigo can be felt quickly. In addition, in the vast majority of cases, we gain weight when we begin to eat normally.

Rich in vegetables , the cabbage soup diet boosts proteins. liquid diet plan  Many people lose muscle and not fat during their diet. Finally, the absence of several essential nutrients such as magnesium or iron is also problematic.

In general, it is better to consider the cabbage soup diet as a point detox rather than a real slimming solution.

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