75 Irregular, Awesome Facts About The Wizard Of, Oz .

Out of appreciation for The Wizard. of OZ Facts  77th commemoration, we show 75 interesting, astounding and some of the time a touch of agitating, facts about the adored film. Discover all the more little-known facts about the making of the motion picture, and in addition uncommon test outlines, film stills, and representations, in The Wizard of. OZ Facts The Authority 75th Commemoration Partner.

1. The studio, Metro-Goldwyn Meyer, outbid twentieth Century Fox for the motion picture rights. Fox had needed Shirley Sanctuary to star.

2. Mervyn LeRoy considered having a man play Toto.

3. The fainthearted lion’s ensemble was made of a genuine lion skin.

4. The snow in the poppy scene was made of asbestos.

5. Judy Laurel needed to wear a super-tight undergarment to influence her figure to appear to be more youthful.

6. The Tin Man’s oil was really chocolate syrup.

7. Judy Wreath’s little girl, Liza Minelli, was hitched to Jack Haley Jr., the child of the on-screen character who played the Tin Man.

8. Toto apparently earned $125 every seven day stretch of recording—yet each Munchkin performing artist just $50.

9. The stallions in the Emerald City were hued with Solidify OZ Facts which they continued endeavoring to lick off.

10. Dorothy’s shoes in the book were silver.

11. Toto was played by a female canine named Terry.

12. Four arrangements of ruby shoes were utilized amid shooting.

13. Margaret Hamilton’s copper-based green cosmetics couldn’t be ingested, so she survived completely on fluids amid recording.

amid shooting, Evil

15. Judy Wreath initially wore a blonde wig and substantial cosmetics for recording, however makers soon decided on a more regular look.

16. “Over the Rainbow” was relatively cut from the film for length reasons.

17. The performer who voiced Disney’s Snow White made a voice cameo amid the Tin Man’s “Whether I Just Shown at least a bit of kindness” (She’s the person who says, ‘Wherefore workmanship thou, Romeo OZ Facts

18. The ruby shoes were a size 5.

19. The 1939 New York Times audit of the film read, to some extent: “It is all so well meaning, so warm thus gay that any analyst who might look down his nose at the fun-production ought to be hit and sent off, supperless, to bed.”

20. Margaret Hamilton was a kindergarten educator before turning into an on-screen character.

 selected for six Oscars, yet lost Best Picture to Run with the Breeze.

22. The apprehensive lion’s ensemble weighed around 100 pounds.

23. Temperatures on set frequently took off around 100 degrees because of the lighting expected to shoot in early Technicolor. OZ Facts

26. In the film, Dorothy clicks her ruby shoes and says, “There’s no place like home.” In the book, she says to her enchantment silver shoes, “Take me home to Close relative Em!”

27. The white in Dorothy’s dress was really pale pink since it appeared better as white in Technicolor.

28. The Fiendish Witch’s gem ball was utilized as a prop in Boris Karloff’s The Veil of Fu Manchu.

29. The Underhanded Witch’s passing authentication is

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