Samsung Bypass Google Verify As You Can Tell This


Method is by far one of the easiest available, and in minutes you were able to get rid of the check page and successfully samsung bypass google verify check Google. However, if you do not have access to an OTG cable then do not worry, there is another method for you.

Part 2. How to Google samsung bypass google verifycheck without OTG cable

When reading the first method, you were probably thinking of yourself, “Wait, I do not have an OTG cable?”, Let’s face it, most of us do not. Fortunately, for the two methods we are going to show you, you do not need an OTG cable.

In this first method, we will show you a similar method to the first, except that you will do this process entirely from your computer.

Step # 1 – First to this method, plug your Android device into your computer and download the ” Realterm ” and ” FRP Tool ” programs. Make sure you can easily locate these programs.

Step # 2 • When programs are installed, launch “Realterm”.

“The only purpose of this tutorial is to help you access your smartphone after forgetting a password, unlocking scheme, or when you buy a used, locked phone.” We do not support the use of this technique in this tutorial. other purposes and Phonandroid declines any responsibility in case of fraudulent use thereof. ”

# See new method here: how-to-avoid-the-protection-frp-on-the-devices- samsung bypass google verify-method-t159661.html


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The basic steps are as follows:

  • The first step, the “Samsung_USB_Driver” must be installed on the computer, to allow him to recognize the phone, can be downloaded here: You must to be a member to see the link! register for free 🙂 here
  • Secondly download the program “SideSync”, then install it on the pc,

to download here You must be a member to see the link! register for free 🙂 here

  • Download the application “SettingsShortcut.apk” and then copy it into the internal memory of the phone or external SDCard memory

downloaded hereYou must be a member to see the link! sign up for free for free 🙂 here

  • Start The phone, then connect to Wi-Fi, and follow the steps until we arrive at a time when we will be asked to enter a Google account.
  • Now we connect the phone to the PC, and have the SideSync program enabled to recognize the phone.
  • When SideSync recognizes our phone, appears in the TEL a window and three options, we choose the option “Samsung GALAXY Apps”
  • Then, in “Samsung GALAXY Apps”, we are looking for any free software to explore the files, and then we realize that he asked us to enter the Samsung account login information. If we get confirmation that we have a Samsung account or can register with a new samsung bypass google verify account. This step may take a while. You may have to do this several times before you can log in to the Samsung GALAXY Apps store.

After you have installed the Android File Manager (ES File Explorer) on your phone, and then look for the download location in our phone. TEL / SdCard application “Settings Shortcut.apkThen installed on our phone after activating the installation options from unknown sources.After running the application, the phone settings will show the ability to reset the default settings.Then your phone will restart – You can unplug it from PC- and reconfigure itself in factory user mode, including the removal of any Google account protection

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