7 Tips To Get In Style Within Budget

Are you a kind of fashion shopper, who with full intensity buys clothes online (or from shopping malls), but even don’t wear the previously purchased clothes (hardly once or twice). Lying unused with their price tags in the cupboard!

In simple words, do you waste money on your fashion buying? Many have the habit of buying fashion products at “first sight”, and regretting afterward.

For you, we are listing some tips to become a street smart fashion shopper.


Buy What You Need, Not What You Like.

Make it a rule of thumb while shopping clothes. Don’t buy everything you see on the internet, on the market, advertised via infomercials. Buy according to your need, like if the winter is approaching, look online shopping deals and offers on winter clothing. Buying T-shirts in winter will not help your cause to live a happy life in today’s era of constrained budget living.


Shop When You Are Both Physically And Mentally Fresh

Returned from the office, and your wife is ready in her sparkling red dress, forcing you to go out for shopping. Without looking here and there straightway say “No”, it is a tough ask to say this to your wife, but to save money you have to be mentally ultra-strong. Go out for shopping when you are fresh and ready to pounce on the best deal available in the shopping mall.


Beware Of The Sales Person In The Fashion Stores.

Keep that every clear in your mind that the sales person moving around you in the shopping mall is there to sell products, not to help you. Many times, he or she will influence you to buy something which is not up to mark on quality, and high on pricing. Listen to them, but walk out carrying the trouser and shirt that fulfill your fashion need.


Make A List

If you are shopping for a season, then it is better to make a list, considering the needs and the choice of all the members of your family. For instance, if you are buying clothes for the superhero hooked kid in the house, then buy clothes with Batman or Spider-man prints on them. So, that he accepts the purchased clothes with open hands, instead of forcing him to wear something he doesn’t like.


Set A Budget

In today’s scenario of inflation “b” doesn’t stand for “ball”, but for “budget”. Fix a budget and shop within that. Be strict enough to move out of the shopping right after you are done with your shopping. There may be enticing deals like buy two, get one free, but you have to walk out of the mud neat and clean.


Carry Cash, Not Credit Cards

Pay with cash instead of paying through your credit card or debit card, because then only you will understand that money doesn’t grow on trees. It is a parameter to push your hands back when you are about to lose your focus from your budget.

Set A Time Frame

Set a time frame of two or four hours; don’t just roam around like a maid in the mall. Some people enter the bright daylight and come out in fading light! Moreover, time is too precious to spend meaninglessly.

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