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LinkedIn to be effective (TPE)

Guide for writing and presenting theses

Document to be inserted in the first pages of the manuscript

Cover page of the manuscript . The use of this page is mandatory for all theses. In the case of co-supervised theses, the logo of the foreign institution may be added. No other logo should appear on the cover page (laboratory, company, funding body, etc.).

♦ Cover page in LaTeX format

Thesis defense

!!! NEW: To help you in your efforts the Department of Doctoral Studies provides you with:

an individual defense schedule . By simply entering your defense date, the deadlines to be respected will be indicated.

– a list of places authorized for a

LinkedIn Profile Writing defense . It is up to the doctoral student to reserve his or her defense room.


► D-10 weeks : Complete the Excel table of “Proposal of rapporteurs and jury members” and send it back to the Doctoral Studies Department (SED) to the manager concerned.  To learn more …

► D-9 weeks:

  • Have your “Proposal for rapporteurs and jury members” signed by your thesis advisor and doctoral school director sent by the SED
  • Submit your manuscript and distribution contract online on the website of the DRANK. ⇒ To access the pages on the procedure of deposit ⇒ To access the form of deposit : Attention, it is essential to protect you from your student identifiers (ex: p1XXXXX) ► D-8 weeks:        • Return your “Proposal of Rapporteurs and members of the jury “signed at the SED accompanied by the requested documents thus constituting the file of request for defense.






  • The SED writes to the rapporteurs.
  • The doctoral student sends his manuscript to the rapporteurs.

To find out more …

► Between D-4 and D-3 weeks:

  • Return of the rapporteurs’ opinions to the SED
  • Transmission by the SED of the reports to the Director of the ED
  • Opinion of the ED Director on the defense


In this case,  the profile will be an effective support for the animation that will follow, essential to make it visible.

Because you have certainly noticed that a profile LinkedIn or Viadeo is often better placed on Google than the site or the blog  of the company, with a search by name. But it can also be visible on keywords related to skills, the job, especially for internal searches at LinkedIn.

So here are some tips for a top profile:

a professional photo , close enough and smiling, natural (avoid the cliché on the phone, behind the desk …)

a “title” with your difference, your “plus” business,  not just a job. Show immediately what you bring or search for. Raise interest, and include keywords that your contacts will use in research (not necessarily business jargon)

a background with text  that shows the company and its activity (logo), with its colors. The way to stand out immediately by expressing your identity: do not settle for a photo or a plain color background
LinkedIn Profile Writing

customize the URL  (profile address) for a professional rendering (with your preference name + activity, if any). Use keywords separated by a dash, so that they are understood by search engines (subject to availability)

an active summary, which clearly shows what you are doing or proposing,  with key words from the beginning and most importantly, your difference  or commercial advantage (focused on customer profit Thesis Writing Help  Without selling too much or lingering: your website or blog is there for the details. Write for the web: air, prioritize, simple. And most importantly, write down the address of the site, the blog and other social networks at the end.  Add media,  very useful to decorate the profile: a booklet, a video presentation, a free guide, a given lecture extract … An element that stands out clearly and shows your know-how

complete the experiment correctly  (part CV), without leaving a big “hole”, or to mention everything if the experiment is cF
LinkedIn Profile Writing onsequent. Keep an overall coherence and orient this course according to your current objectives. Give clear positions with key words, and if possible goals achieved or achievements in the description (management of a team, distinction, etc …). Add media in the posts if they are useful: logo, company website …

ask for at least 2-3 recommendations, it is essential to be credible.  People with whom you worked, and if possible verifiable (on their own profile, on the company website …)

in the training part  , mention the elements that are currently useful for a potential client , without necessarily noting the BAC or other trainings unrelated to your current company (unless it brings a “plus” in terms of personality, image)

do not overlook interests or volunteering, etc …, which humanize the profile and create a link.  A contact will often remember you because you are playing golf like him or the harp, and not for your resume

give  your real level in languages  and do not abuse projects. They are useful to put forward a book, a conference or formation, a big project client …

Indicate  your actual and current skills , related to your goals, to be visible on these keywords. Do not accept all the “skills” of people sometimes unknown or additional: you will dilute the strength of the profile during searches by skills (modify and reorganize this part) Thesis Writing Help At worst you will pass for a megalo who does “everything and nothing”

You will get a profile optimized commercially and for research (SEO).


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