A Guide To Getting Started With WordPress


Patrick Lenormand has just published WordPress Guide: create, manage, animate your site pro to Pyramid editions.

A book to put in the hands of all those who wish to invest the most known and used blogging platform . Technical installation, web writing, SEO, personalization, etc. WordPress will have no secrets for you!


  1. Without bottom, no shape

When looking for documentation on the web about the creation of his blog in WordPress, we usually find information on the technique, widgets , etc. But a blog is not only the form, it’s also the bottom! Without quality content, you are unlikely to sustain your site .


And that’s where the WordPress Guide: create, manage, animate your pro site is interesting. Because not only will you learn to use a File Protocol Transfer (FTP) server and correctly set up your blog, but you will also have tips for writing quality content .

Above all, it is important to define an editorial line , as the author says: ”  Software is only a tool, not an end in itself. WordPress is at the service of an editorial project, the creation of your site. This one is a publication in its own right: regularly updated and up-to-date information, articles in different journalistic formats and genres (…), clear sections to guide the reader. Everything begins with an editorial reflection that comes down to 3 questions: why this site, for whom and in what form?  ”

The first chapter of the book is devoted to this approach. Patrick Lenormand guides you very gradually in 4 phases to define:

The purpose of his site

His target audience

Its editorial line

Its structured content in rubrics

  1. Put on your blue work, go for the technique!

After the reflection, comes the time of the action, that of the installation of your blog. How to choose your domain name? Where to find a web hosting? A WordPress matrix, kesako? And by the way: how does WordPress work?


Do not panic, the author tells you what to do, when and how. With a little rigor, everything will go well: “With WordPress, the technical creation of a site is greatly simplified, (…) this precise process is within the reach of any person acting with method”.

Here again, Patrick Lenormand performs a logical division into 5 phases (and as many sub-parts), from the stage of the technical implementation:


  • Choose / buy your domain name
  • Find a web host
  • Create the WordPress matrix
  • Choose the graphic theme
  • Discover the features of WordPress
  1. Become the GO of your blog

At this point, you now know what you are going to say (and how) and you have installed the tool that will help you. It only remains to attract then, Holy Grail of any blogger, retain the reader . And how to proceed? By animating your blog using what is your added value: your pen .

If you did not know, Patrick Lenormand is a journalist (I did not tell you?). Since 1997, he has written for numerous publications in the press ( Ouest France , Télérama , Micro Hebdo , etc.) and for websites. He is also the author of 6 books related to the practices of the Net and provides training in journalistic techniques for print and Web publications .

In short, you will understand, he knows a radius on the rules of writing Web . Because writing a blog is good, but writing well is even better. The suggestions you will find for web writing in this WordPress Guide are journalism: angle, plan, web edition, etc. And with great relevance, the author cleverly mixes tips on writing and explanation of the features of WordPress in support. Example: learn how to upload (upload) an image with the right dimensions and in the right place to increase the impact of an article.

  1. Make the blog that looks like you

Your site is in place, but perhaps it does not look like what you were waiting for: you would like such color for your links, such font for your texts, etc. This is the theme of the 4th and last chapter of the book.

Because WordPress is customizable, in the proportions provided by the template (template) that you have chosen. You will be able to modify the code of your pages thanks to the editor provided for this purpose. However, Patrick Lenormand’s WordPress Guide does not propose to make big changes. Because as the author indicates: ”  This guide is intended for a wide audience, we will limit ourselves to simple but useful manipulations like the change of header, the modification of the background color or the translation of the menus” .


In conclusion…

This WordPress Guide: create, manage, animate your pro site is intended for a wide audience. If you have little or no technical knowledge, the book is a mine of useful information for beginners .


Most confirmed will go their way because they will find nothing they do not know already. There may be one exception: the part on web writing. Because we still see a lot of websites, aesthetics certainly irreproachable, who sin for lack of rigor: bad scribing, mistakes of style, poorly presented information, etc. This WordPress Guide will be their t very useful to revise (or learn) the basics of multimedia writing.

So what is missing from this book? One thing in fact: it does not address the issue of a global strategy, including the use of social networks to accelerate its natural referencing and its inbound links. This theme would have deserved to appear in this wordpress hosting Guide , even if it slightly exceeds the framework of the animation of its site.


Finally, a word about the layout: very nice, the advice presented are embellished with clear and informative visuals . The format of the book (14 x 18 cm) makes it pleasant to flip through. The color code used and the cleverly placed little summary on all the pages will help you not to feel lost.


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