Prospecting On Social Networks: Chrome Xtensions For Zoho CRM

Social networks are for you a significant source of new prospects? And you spend a good part of your time on Viadeo and LinkedIn trying to find your next customers?

And you are right: according to a study by Aberdeen Group,  64% of sales forces who use social networks reach their sales quotas, against 49% of teams that do not use it.

Only problem: once identified, you lose a lot of time adding them to your CRM. Most of the time, you will need to manually enter the information to create a new form in your CRM.

When we talk about web browsers, extensions are additional modules to add specific features to your browser.

In this article, we’re going to show you some Google Chrome browser extensions that make it easy to add contacts to Zoho CRM from social networks. With these extensions, you will be able to automatically extract the relevant information from a profile and create on the fly in one click the corresponding record in Zoho CRM.



Easy zoho sites account login

Ability to add custom fields in the extension

We can also add an opportunity when adding


Paying recently (about $ 40 a year)

Works only with LinkedIn

Mascot a little invasive sometimes 🙂

Link to the Chrome Web Store.

Zoho CRM – Contact Info Extractor


Zoho Official Extension

Works on all sites (Viadéo, LinkedIn, or others)

Accessible from the context menu (right click on a web page)

Extraction problems. Accented characters are not well managed.

Extraction generally bad. Information on the cards is not detected.

Requires to select the text to extract.

Evercontact for zoho sites


Works on all sites (Viadeo, LinkedIn, or other)

The connection to the Zoho account is tedious. When you enter your zoho sites credentials, you are not logged in immediately. The extension generates an API key which you must then enter in another screen of the extension.

Encoding problem of extracted characters. It seems that the accents for example are not well managed.

Requires an account Evercontact, which then takes the opportunity to make you “discover” their contact management application for Gmail.


Extraction of good quality overall

Most complete extension

Detection from a page or from the clipboard (requires copying the text to be processed beforehand)

Its extraction models can be edited to integrate and adapt Capture to other sites. Very powerful.

Automatic search functionality to automatically complete the information of an extraction (retrieve a phone number for example).

Paying (apparently)

Pricing not very clear

More complex than other extensions to take in hand

Let’s also quote:

LEAD411 Explorer

Codenious Lead Grabber

But I never managed to make them work. So for me, these two extensions are to be forgotten.


The two most trusted extensions are undoubtedly Cloutex and Capture .

Those of you who use LinkedIn exclusively for their prospecting will prefer Cloutex for its simplicity. For a more off-road and further exploration, it is Capture that is needed.

Note that for users of Firefox or other browsers, the number of extensions on these platforms is however much more limited unfortunately.

If you know of other extensions of this type or other useful tools for prospecting on social networks, do not hesitate to share them by leaving a comment.

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